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At Hire a Published Writer we offer competitive pricing on online writing and editing services. In just 3-5 business days we can help you create content that is useful, appealing, and error-free.
For students, we edit essays, projects, undergraduate and graduate papers, resumes, and cover letters.
Perhaps you  want to write a memoir or a family anthology. We can help with our ghostwriting service.
At Hire a Published Writer we can edit your short stories and poetry, and  you can become a published writer or poet right here on our website!
To get started today, please check our Editorial Services page. Then submit the details of your project on the “Contact Us” link and we will send you our editorial recommendations along with an firm price  offer.
Whether you are a student struggling with a paper, or aspiring writer of fiction, nonfiction, or you want to write a children’s book, Hire a Publisher Writer can help you  get the write stuff. I am a published writer with a diversified writing background and more than 25 years of experience writing nonfiction  books and magazine articles. More here:

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